Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedding Day

It has officially been two weeks since our wedding. I've been highly annoyed at the fact that the pleating on the right boob of my dress was not laying right.

Of course no one noticed this! The next day when guests starting posting pictures, I found myself wondering why is the boob of my dress dented in? So I can not help but think that for the rest of eternity I will be stewing over my dress not being perfect, and my husband being an hour late.

Aside from these two pestering details, our wedding was fabulous! Mr. Dee looked amazing, once he finally arrived in his suit. Our ceremony was small, short-ish, and sweet. Our reception started with a bang after we surprised everyone when our first dance of "Better Together" by Jack Johnson faded into The Time Warp. As we busted out our choreographed moves our guests were screaming and loving it! I hand picked all the music at the reception, which I am so happy I spent the time doing. The dance floor was packed all night! I am dying to get the professional pictures!!