Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Name Change

I am deeply excited to legally change my name to Mrs. Dee! I will be doing this in the beginning of September because I purchased the plane tickets to visit my family in New England and for our honeymoon to Hawaii in my maiden name. I figure it would be easier to do my traveling then start the legal process of changing my name.

I do not feel any loss of self, despair, or grief what so ever about losing my maiden name. In fact, my feelings are quite opposite. I am utterly delighted and proud to be taking my husband's name. I am beyond excited! I want everyone to know I'm the wife of Mr. Dee.

I don't believe this is for everyone and I think it is purely a matter of personal opinion. I know it is very common for people to keep their own name or hyphenate. I have even been hearing about the trend of a "team name." This is when couples compromise on a new common last, or sometimes middle name, which both spouses take. I envision this being the perfect solution for some couples and would love to know how they come to this compromise.

Are you changing your name? How are you feeling about it? Was it a huge pain in the ass?


smepsi_girl said...

I changed my name. I always tell my husband it's lucky he has a very cool last name - otherwise it would be a different story.

The actual changing part of it sucked out my soul. (You can mostly blame the 4+ hours spent at the DMV.) But the actual emotional part of it? I'm finally getting used to the new name. And it's good. =)

Regann Dee said...

My husband also has a good last name. I'd like to think I'd feel the same no matter what the name is but I'd feel different if it was horrible. I love hearing about everyones different reactions to all the newlywed experiences. Oh and the DMV, not looking forward to that. It's hell on earth!

♥ ceamoste said...

I'm totally changing my name. I'm kinda a traditionalist, but besides that I already have 2 last names due to my parents being separated, and it's been crazy hectic have two, so I'm quite excited to only have one haha.