Sunday, July 18, 2010

After The Wedding

Why are there hundreds of thousand of blogs and websites dedicated to weddings and hardly any focused on newlyweds? I'd like to hear more about women after their not so perfect wedding day, because come on who's wedding day was actually perfect? Whatever can go wrong on wedding day, probably will. There is so much build upon having a flawlessly marvelous wedding day then after it's all said and done, what really comes next? Yes it is the start of our 'happily ever after' but what exactly does that entail? I have loved the transition from being engaged to bride to wife, but it is hard giving up all the planning of the big day.

How are you dealing with Post Wedding Syndrome?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Name Change

I am deeply excited to legally change my name to Mrs. Dee! I will be doing this in the beginning of September because I purchased the plane tickets to visit my family in New England and for our honeymoon to Hawaii in my maiden name. I figure it would be easier to do my traveling then start the legal process of changing my name.

I do not feel any loss of self, despair, or grief what so ever about losing my maiden name. In fact, my feelings are quite opposite. I am utterly delighted and proud to be taking my husband's name. I am beyond excited! I want everyone to know I'm the wife of Mr. Dee.

I don't believe this is for everyone and I think it is purely a matter of personal opinion. I know it is very common for people to keep their own name or hyphenate. I have even been hearing about the trend of a "team name." This is when couples compromise on a new common last, or sometimes middle name, which both spouses take. I envision this being the perfect solution for some couples and would love to know how they come to this compromise.

Are you changing your name? How are you feeling about it? Was it a huge pain in the ass?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Programs & Menus

I spent countless hours planning and putting together wedding day programs and dinner menus. All my time and effort was unquestionably worth it! The added details really helped pull everything together & our guests positively adored them!

Review of Makeup Forever HD Foundation

I am in love, love, LOVE with makeup & beauty products! My holy grail of foundation is MUFE HD foundation. I had been hitting the tanning beds like a mad women to be a tanned, glowing bride. ( I know tanning beds are evil but I find them so relaxing and beautifying.) Anyways I had yet to purchase my summer shade of foundation UNTIL I went for my trial makeup appointment. The women used Covergirl foundation! I don't mean to be a bitch but I was not about to let someone use Covergirl on me, especially on my wedding day. Thank god my mother felt the same way and as soon as she came into town for the wedding we took a trip to Sephora to purchase my newly tanned shade.

This foundation is on the higher end of the price range but it beyond worth it! It comes in a pump and lasts forever. It gives medium to full coverage, which is build-able. It covers all pesky acne without making me breakout. Plus, it looks amazing in photos. All I have to say is once you go MUFE you never go back!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Minimoon

Our minimoon was a trip with a mission: to relax, have fun, and remember how much we love each other. We definitely did just that! Mr. Dee and I took off for a six day trip with the first stop Calistoga, in Napa Valley.

Here we spent two leisurely days wine tasting and receiving spa treatments. First up was the mud bath, which was an experience, to say the least! The "mud" is a mixture of volcanic ash, natural hot spring mineral water, and peat moss. You get into the heated mud bath au naturel! The thought of this completely freaked me out, but you only live once, right? I have to say the best part of this was spraying each other off with hoses when you get out. It was incredibly fun and we were laughing hysterically. After we hosed our asses off we were treated to a blazing hot mineral bath. I found it to be scorching hot and was absolutely happy when they moved us to the next room for the blanket wrap. Finally relaxed we ended the day with hour massages!

Second stop was six hours north of Napa, 30 miles south of Oregon to behold the California Redwoods! We checked out The Trees of Mystery, which is a mile trail through the oldest and biggest redwoods. We also got tickets to go on the Sky Trail, a gondola ride through the treetops.

We took the scenic 30 mile drive of The Avenue of the Giants. There are so many places you can pull off the road, walk trails, and explore. This was both our favorite part of the trip. It was beyond breathtaking, peaceful and spectacular!

Our last stop was in Paso Robles wine country on our trek back to Los Angeles. Here we spent our time wine tasting! My two favorite wineries there; Linne Calodo winery is just amazing, best wine! Four Vines winery has an extremely fun, almost party vibe with very good wine.

We had an unbelievably amazing time! Exactly what we needed to relax and plan our August honeymoon to Kauai, Hawaii!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedding Day

It has officially been two weeks since our wedding. I've been highly annoyed at the fact that the pleating on the right boob of my dress was not laying right.

Of course no one noticed this! The next day when guests starting posting pictures, I found myself wondering why is the boob of my dress dented in? So I can not help but think that for the rest of eternity I will be stewing over my dress not being perfect, and my husband being an hour late.

Aside from these two pestering details, our wedding was fabulous! Mr. Dee looked amazing, once he finally arrived in his suit. Our ceremony was small, short-ish, and sweet. Our reception started with a bang after we surprised everyone when our first dance of "Better Together" by Jack Johnson faded into The Time Warp. As we busted out our choreographed moves our guests were screaming and loving it! I hand picked all the music at the reception, which I am so happy I spent the time doing. The dance floor was packed all night! I am dying to get the professional pictures!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Beginning

Welcome to Newly Mrs. Dee! I started this newlywed blog to document what comes after the excitement and stress of the wedding! Follow me while I learn to become an amazing wife and a domestic goddess!